Calculation of a backwater curve by the Trapezius, Runge Kutta or Euler method

Type of section
Choice of section type
Definition of trapezoidal section
Width at bottom (m)
Bank slope (m/m)
Definition of rectangular section
Width at bottom (m)
Definition of circular section
Diameter (m)
Definition of parabolic section
Width at embankment level
Features reach
Strickler coefficient (m1/3s-1)
Length of reach (m)
Bottom slope (m/m)
Embankment elevation (m)
Boundary conditions
Upstream flow (m3/s)
Water level imposed at downstream (m)
Water level imposed at upstream (m)
Calculation parameters
Discretization step (m)
Accuracy of calculation and display of dimensions (m)
Resolution method
Data to compute
Choice of the data to compute